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Welcome to COLCA!

Thank you for your interest in City of Life Christian Academy! Since 1991, we have partnered with parents to equip students to be well-educated, of good character, and socially confident so they can accomplish all the Lord has for them in both college and life.  We understand that choosing the best school can be a challenging process and would love to come alongside your family as you discover God's very best for your children.


Our goal is to aid in finding a good balance of spiritual, academic, and social growth. To help with this, we use the guidelines listed below in making our Admissions decisions.


  • Parents and/or guardians must be in harmony with the school’s statement of faith.

  • Students and at least one parent must regularly attend and be involved in a Christ-centered church, showing a sustained commitment to a local church.

  • Parents must support and comply with the philosophy, statement of faith, biblical perspective on marriage, gender, and sexuality, spiritual goals, policies, practices, and mission of City of Life Christian Academy.


  • Middle and High School cumulative and current GPA must be 2.5 (C+) or above in academic courses. 

  • For Elementary School (Grades K-5), report cards and standardized tests must show at current grade level or above performance across all subjects.

  • School reference forms and report cards must show that the student is an independent learner and has the ability to be successful in a rigorous college-preparatory environment.​

  • Final report cards must show a consistent effort with no drop in academic or behavioral performance.

  • Students must be able to read, write, and speak fluent English


  • Students and parents must be in good standing with their current school.

  • Students must have excellent behavioral records.

  • ​Students and parents must not have exhibited behavior that is disruptive to the school or community.

  • Students with prior drug, alcohol, or other similar issues must have successfully completed (including being 100% drug and alcohol-free) a full semester in a regular school program prior to being admitted to COLCA. We will not accept students directly from residential treatment programs.

  • A student will not be considered for enrollment if expelled from another public or private school within the last academic school year.


  • K5 - 3rd Grades: $8,932
    The tuition rates includes the following: - $300 registration fee - $400 curriculum fee - $8,232 tuition
  • 4th-5th Grades $8,272
    The tuition rates includes the following: - $300 registration fee - $400 curriculum fee - $7,572 tuition
  • 6th - 8th Grades: $8,570
    The tuition rates includes the following: - $300 registration fee - $400 curriculum fee - $7,870 tuition
  • 9th - 12th Grades: $8,681
    The tuition rates includes the following: - $150 technology fee - $300 registration fee - $400 curriculum fee - $7,831 tuition
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