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TUITION & FEES 2023-2024


Click on each bar below for more information.


Click on each bar below for more information.

Monthly tuition payments are collected through FACTS. FACTS will deduct the agreed upon monthly payment on either the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of each month, beginning in June and concluding in April. COLCA's Admissions Department will assist parents in completing a FACTS agreement to cover the monthly tuition payments.

Installment payments for the school year are made from June through April. Consequently, all application, registration, and curriculum fees are due immediately when a student enrolls after June 30. Additionally, a portion of the annual tuition will become due immediately when a student enrolls late. Students cannot attend classes without satisfying these requirements.

Children of City of Life Church members are eligible for a discount on the above rates. A "member" is defined as an adult who has graduated Growth Track prior to registration and who actively supports City of Life Church through regular church attendance, involvement, and consistent financial contributions.


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Fees may vary or not be all inclusive of all items needed.


Tuition does not include purchases or fees for:

  • Uniforms

  • Lunch Program

  • Early / After Care

  • Graduation Fees

  • K5 = $35

  • 5th gr. = $35

  • 8th gr. = $80

  • 12th gr. = $100

  • Yearbook

  • School Pictures

  • Field Trips *

  • Special Events *

  • Dual Enrollment Book Fee ($70 per course)

* Field trips and Special Events are school sponsored activities that enrolled students pay for in order to participate.  The average number of field trips is two per grade during the school year. The cost varies each year. An estimated field trip costs may be  between $35-$200 per student. Information about field trip dates will be sent home at least three or four weeks before the field trip date. Parents are responsible to pay the full amount in order to participate. All students are required to attend field trips.

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