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Statement of Faith

1. The Bible as God’s Word

We believe the Bible is the only infallible rule of faith and conduct and is inerrant in its original form.

2. Jesus as God

We believe that Jesus was more than just a good man, a prophet, or the founder of the world’s largest religion. He is God... perfect in character, eternally existent, and possessing all the attributes ascribed in scripture to deity.

​3. The New Birth​

We believe that salvation is matter of grace activated through faith, leading to individual spiritual regeneration (the new birth).

4. The Second Coming of Christ

We believe that human history has a predetermined conclusion, when the risen and ascended Christ will return with his saints in order to establish his physical kingdom in the earth.

5. The Gospel

We believe that the highest purposes of the church are to convince unbelievers to accept Christ as their Savior and to bring to spiritual maturity those who believe.

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