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Our COLCA Early Learning Program gives students unique opportunities to show creativity while learning to express themselves in a happy and safe environment. 

A Spiritually Centered Daycare and Preschool

Our learning environment along with the curriculum used has been established around teaching a Biblical worldview. Interlaced in all the daily activities and lessons being taught are Biblical stories and concepts. We encourage children to practice applying the character qualities we teach in daily activities, including opportunities for serving others. Children also participate in chapel each week, singing and praising God.

A Focus on Social, Emotional, and Learning Development

Children develop social and emotional skills through everyday activities. We teach children to have and demonstrate concern for others, seek help to solve problems and be open to new experiences. Children learn how to thrive around other children through imaginative and cooperative play in class.

Our teachers cultivate leadership by giving children daily opportunities to lead and contribute to the class using small “job responsibilities” as a line leader, calendar helper, special helper, or through other roles. We also provide opportunities for children to experience cultural diversity. 

Children develop fine motor skills through everyday activities that involve coloring, cutting, painting, writing, and more. Children enjoy exercise and learn to control their movement at recess and in teacher/child-directed games.

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