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FACTS Payment Plan

We hope the steps noted below will help you in completing the enrollment process with our school. Please read through the following points:

This is a process that all of our newly enrolling AND re-enrolling families complete each school year, regardless of any awards received from scholarships. The system is structured as though all families will be paying tuition and it isn't until after this is set-up that we can then add scholarships.
The fee that you will pay is a processing fee from FACTS, not from our school.  This is a one-time annual fee for the family, not the individual student. There are two options for fees ($25 or $55), once you read through the steps below, pick the option that best fits your understanding of your financial agreement (with or without a scholarship). This fee is not covered by the scholarship and must be paid at the time you submit the enrollment form.
If your family is a recipient of a scholarship and you would like to make changes to your payment plan once you receive your award, the payment plan can always be adjusted at a later time with our finance office. 
You will be asked for a form of payment (a bank account or credit card). Please note your FACTS account is also where we would place charges for incidentals when they occur (i.e., clubs, field day t-shirts, etc.)
Last, you will always receive notification from FACTS if there is a pending charge that is being billed to your account. 

When you are logged into the enrollment form, Step 15 must be completed in order to complete the Final Step. Without this, your form cannot be submitted to reserve the seat for your child.


Once you have clicked into the process to set up your payment plan, this will be the first step you see. 

This is where you will select 1 of 3 options. Note the different fee attached to each option. June is when all tuition billing cycles begin for the new school year.



In this step, you will choose a form of payment. There is no fee to use a bank account, and a 2.95% fee to used a debit/credit card. 


Pick the potential day that you would like a scheduled payment to be made on. Remember this would be any billing, not just tuition.  

You're getting close! Just a few more clicks to be done with this process. Then you will be taken back to the enrollment form to finish the last few steps.


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