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COLCA's After School Clubs are a great way to create more social interaction and connection with peers that have similar interests in a safe and constructive environment. See the current listing of clubs below.

Things you need to know:

  • Clubs will run one day a week for 8 weeks, January 16 - March 8.

  • Time:  3:30-4:30 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri.; 2:30-3:30 on Wed.

  • Clubs are $150 for all 8 weeks, payment 

    • $50 due at registration,

    • Remaining balance billed in two additional installments,

    • Fees are non-refundable once clubs begin

  • You may register up to 3 students on one application.

Weekly Line-up:

Grade Line-up:


  • Choir Club - K5-5th

  • Jr. Dance Club, PK-5th

  • Archery Club, 7th-12th

  • Art Club, K5-5th

  • Sports Club, K5-5th


  • LEGO Club, PK-5th

  • Girls Fitness Club, 6th-12th

  • Pep Squad, PK-5th

  • Narnia Book Club


  • Drama & Musical Theater Club, 6th-12th


Middle/High School:


Choir Club
K5 - 5th gr.
Mrs. Liann Caputis

The choir club will be one where students will develop their passion for music in a fun environment. Students will be learning how to sing songs in English and in Spanish and will get a chance to perform what they learn in Chapel. Students will also learn the importance of working as a team, learn a few vocal techniques, and boost their confidence for performance. The choir club welcomes all who are eager to learn and share the joy of music. 

Jr. Dance Club
Pre-K - 5th gr.
Ms. Mia Smith

Elementary students will have an opportunity to work with this award-winning instructor to learn various dance genres, including hiphop, jazz, contemporary, and lyrical dance. Students will develop a joy for dance, fitness and learning new skills, collaborating to try different dance styles each week.

Archery Club
7th - 12th gr.
Mr. Samuel Diaz

Interested in a safe sport that encourages self-discipline, focus, and concentration? Try the Archery Club. The positive impact archery will have on you stretches far and wide - patience, self-control, teamwork, goal setting, problem solving skills, and more. Each class every week encourages and rewards students for developing into mature and upstanding athletes in archery. We will be using a Character Development Model: I am Respectful, I am Responsible, I am Involved, I am Disciplined, and I am Dedicated. This club is for students looking to explore the sport of archery and have a fun and interactive learning experience geared towards developing character and a strong foundation in the sport.

Art Club
K5 - 5th gr.
Mrs. Jamie San Diego

Come and experience arts and crafts by actively cultivating creativity! We are going to be doing many art projects!  Some of the projects include making home made slime, creating our own stress balls, chalk pastel, abstract art, creating our own scrapbook, painting a canvas using water colors and acrylic paint and many more art projects! Anyone is welcome and no prior artistic experience is needed! Let’s see God’s creative side in us come to life! 

Sports Club
K5 - 5th gr.
Mr. Eli Caputis

Join my after-school soccer club for elementary students! I will provide a fun and supportive environment where kids can learn and enjoy the game of soccer. My coaching emphasizes teamwork, skill development, and, most importantly, having a great time on the field. Open to all skill levels, this club is a fantastic opportunity for young players to build friendships, stay active, and develop a love for the sport. Come kick it with us after school!


PreK - 5th gr.
Mrs. Kelly Christensen

LEGO club encourages students to learn while having fun! Creativity, problem solving, and teamwork are some of the skills that "playing" with LEGOS can teach students. Each student will have their own set of Legos and at the end of the 8 weeks, they will be able to take their Lego set home to continue their "playing" at home.

Girls Fitness Club
6th - 12th gr.
Ms. Kayla Collado

A health club to train and exercise, but also to unwind, socialize, and recharge. Physical activity provides a safe, functional, and comfortable workout environment, and creates a pleasant atmosphere for recreation and socialization. Come get fit with Ms. Collado in the fitness room!

Narnia Book Club
6th - 8th gr.
Mrs. Eileen Ojeda

Let's dive into this classic fantasy book series written by C. S. Lewis where the Pevensie children have adventurous and often dangerous journeys in Narnia. We will discuss the parallel ways that the storyline presents the gospel in a powerful way, watch movie clips, and do fun projects all centered on a love of Narnia!

Pep Squad
K5 - 5th gr.
Ms. Natasha Betancourt & Mrs. Jenny Roman

Pep Squad is a place to grow in community with other classmates close in age while also learning how to bring teamwork to fruition. The girls will learn how to be a junior cheerleader by learning cheers, stunts, and more! They might even get the opportunity to perform their mini-routine at a football game.


Musical Theater Club
3rd - 8th gr.
s. Valery Reyes

The Musical Theatre Club’s mission is to encourage an interest in musical theatre and to develop students’ knowledge, creativity and expression through the study of popular musical productions. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will be viewing (and performing) performances ranging anywhere from Broadway shows to Disney musicals. Our goal is that at the end of the 8 weeks we perform a piece for all family and everyone who wants to come watch. 


 K5 - 8th

Mr. Caputis

In this club, elementary and middle school students will have team-like coaching and free time in multiple sports. Including; basketball, baseball, kickball, football, and soccer. Students are allowed to bring their own equipment if they would like but we will provide equipment as well. These sports help improve motor skills and dexterity needed for everyday life! 



6th - 12th

Mr. Diaz

This unique, exciting, and fun-filled club will allow your students to express their creative minds, learn to work with others, and display their marvelous imaginations. Students will be challenged with several activities that allow them to develop their LEGO Master Building skills. Who is ready to LEGO?

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